Tips to Follow When Painting your bathroom!

contemporary bathroom with sandstone bathtub and white sink-rendering

Are you planning to paint your bathroom? Do you want to bring a new look to your bathroom? Well, you need to check out these tips.

When painting a bathroom, you should not consider as another room in your home. It is unique, and you have to think about various aspects while painting your bathroom. You may be continuing to use the same color from one room to another but when it comes to painting the bathroom door or wall you would pause and look for a new option. There are various reasons to double check, especially when painting the bathroom. The paint should resist moisture, and it is a place where moisture is high and intensive. You have to think carefully regarding color options. If it is not right, then it could affect the entire living space.

Use bathroom paints: Some leading paint manufacturers sell exclusive bathroom paints. It remains best for the surface and mold inhibiting agents. The paint helps in moisture resistance. It is best to choose glossier or eggshell shades for good finish and sheen. You have to decide for outside and inside areas. If possible, ask your contractor to suggest ideas so that you can think and decide according to the available options.


Show stall walls: If you have seen the shower stall walls, you may find it as painted drywall. It is mostly followed by homeowners and bathroom re-modelers. It is actually inferior when compared with other materials. It is advisable to go with highest gloss bathroom paint. You have a lot of options for this category in the market.

Clean the walls: It is essential to clean the walls of the bathroom. Most people will concentrate on other areas of the home and leave the bathroom wall. You can use cleaning agents and soap to do the best job.

Easy and light paint colors: It is not advisable to use weighty and dark colors in your bathroom. As the space of the room is small, it is best to choose classic white bathroom model. Bright, airy and light bathroom paints always work well. You can use colors like white, light yellow, and white and light blue for a beautiful bathroom space.

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Best Tips for Landscaping within your Budget


Most people wonder how to spend less money while landscaping. Well, there are several pretty ideas that help you to convert a shabby space into a beautiful backyard. Here in this blog, you can get ideas for plants, patios, window boxes and water features.

Reduce the lawn size: Homeowners use lawn weeds to control weed killers like crabgrass killers. If you have a small space, you do not have to lawn weeds and spend money on maintaining your big yard. The weeds can be used up to a certain percent. The experts suggest that a lawn with diversity is better than the lawns following a monoculture.


Hardscape: When you think water features, it does not mean you have to install only the expensive and hard to afford water fountains. If you are a beginner and wanted to install in your home, then it is best to get suggestions from the garden experts. There are different models and kinds of water fountains. It is best to pick water fountains that can be installed by yourself and these do not need much maintenance.

Use cheap plants: You need to adjust your attitude if you want to obtain cheap plants. Most homeowners buy plants from the gardening trade. You need to know that they are superior quality plants, and it is expensive just because of the quality. When you are shopping cheap plants, you need to resist your temptation and compare just like a comparison of apples to oranges.

If possible, ensure to visit a local landscape agent or local nursery. The plants will be affordable, and you can also get advice and suggestions from the gardeners. When you have grounded your beautiful cheap plants, ensure to take proper care. You need to show extra attention and care, especially for cheap plants. It includes watering them properly and having an eye on them from time to time. Apart from this, you can also purchase from leading online stores. You can sometimes get plants for free of cost and most times ten plants for the cost of one plant. You need to be sure whether it is delivered in a proper and healthy condition.

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Do you have a garden or empty backyard in your home? Do you wish to add beautiful plants and greeneries in your garden? Well, you need to make use of these tips for a better and beautiful garden. You have to take some effort and spend time to alter your garden. If you do not put effort, then it is hard to find the best results.

Feed the soil: It is a popular advice given by a majority of experts and gardeners. But do you really make use of the advice? The great soil is the major foundation for your garden. When you have a great soil, you can add best plants to the garden. If the plants are healthy, then there are chances of disease, pests and consumption of water. Start to analyze the quality of your soil before arranging your garden. You have to test whether it contains essential nutrients.


Some of the popular nurseries offer this service. You can search on the internet or contact your local nursery to get this service. It is important to follow the recommendation if the soil is lacking in nutrients or minerals. Ensure to add organic matter on a regular basis. Compost is the best example for organic matter. It is not advisable to use synthetic fertilizers since they show results for short time and have chances to destroy organic matter and beneficial organisms within the soil. If you do this activity, then it is almost like changing your garden to drug activity.

Grouping of plants: Ensure to place the right plants in the right place. For example, if there are plants that need enough sun, then you can group them in one order and place them under the sun. Some plants will spread on the ground and roam. You have to provide enough space for the plants to spread and expand. If possible, you can mix variations in texture, form, color and different bloom time. On the whole, you have to spend enough time for maintenance and care.

Select lower maintenance: Perennial flowers need not require much maintenance. It grows and takes care on own. Other plants like Sediums and Astilbes are also good examples for low maintenance plants.

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Design Tips: How to Decorate a Large Room?

large room

If the size of the room is too big, then it is a challenging task to make it look perfect. Well, it is an excellent challenge for interior decorators. You have enough space in the room, and it is your chance to use the space in the right manner. When the room is large and empty, you will get lots of ideas and decorative themes in your mind. Sometimes, you may even get confused which idea to implement. It is fun and exciting to decorate a large room. You will start to implement things that you were not able to do in a small room. For example, due to the size of the room you would not have added furniture in your room. But when you have a large room, you can add your favorite furniture and use different color palettes.


It is important to stick to the basic interior decoration styles. If a large room is poorly decorated and arranged, then it will look uglier than a small undecorated room. Here sharing some of the best design tips for decorating your large room.

Make sure the kind of furniture you are going to use in the room. Furniture helps in creating individual spaces. It will look great when you look like a whole room. For example, you can add several small spaces in your large living room like television watching space, small gaming area, reading nook and more. Ensure that the décor of the entire room goes with the same work and flow. It should go well with one another.

See whether the ceilings are appropriate to your room size. Sometimes, the room will be large in size but the ceilings of the room will be low. It is best to purchase furnishings with low ceilings. It helps to make the room look like having high ceilings.